Some helpful hints for Sellers

The most important thing that you can do to help me sell your property is to make it look as attractive as possible to potential Buyers.

Here are some suggestions to help you show your property to its best advantage:-

* First Impressions count and Buyers are for more likely to inspect the inside of your if they are impressed with the outside. Keep the lawns mowed and edged, garden beds weeded, shrub/hedges pruned and the yard free of any rubbish or debris.

* Give your home a thorough "Spring Clean". Buyers seeing your home for the first time will often notice items which you have come to overlook or live with (eg. marks on walls, dust, cobwebs)

* Repair any leaking taps. Dripping taps may suggest plumbing problems or dampness readings and potentially are a worry to a prospective Buyer. Changing a tap washer is an inexpensive repair and will remove this risk factor.

* Attend to or replace blown or missing light bulbs, loose door knobs, sticking doors and windows, torn flyscreens and other minor flaws so they don't distract a potential buyer.

* Remove all unnecessary clutter from your home and garage. If the home looks like you have no space, a potential buyer may feel that they will not have enough space either.

* Clean Kitchens and Bathrooms, hold great appeal to potential Buyers. In fact, these areas are one of the most important areas to a Buyer. Try to keep the kitchen sink and benches free of dishes and make sure everything in the bathroom has been picked up. It's important to try and make these areas feel bright and airy and clean.

* During the day, keep all curtains and blinds open, especially in rooms that tend to be a little dim.

* Avoid having too many people at home during an inspection. A potential Buyer may feel like an intruder and will tend to hurry through the property without taking proper note of what they are inspecting. This also goes for your dog - especially ones that bite!! Although I love dogs, a potential Buyer may not appreciate a dog jumping up on them during an inspection.

* If there is a particular fixture (eg. light fitting, dishwasher, air-conditioner or something sentimental) that will not be included in the sale, I recommend that you remove it now. If you can, replace the item with an alternative - it may save problems later.

* More and more Sellers are now obtaining a Building & Pest Inspection prior to selling their home. Whilst the report may cost you a few hundred dollars; it can also save you thousands of dollars and alert you to any structural problems or even an unwanted Termite Nest, which could seriously jeopardise the sale of your home.

Please remember, these hints are aimed at merely offering you an aid to market your home as effectively as possible. We do recognise that you may not be living in a "Vogue" style home and normal day to day living has to be experienced but even if you take on board some of the above hints, I am sure you will make a positive impression where it counts!